10 & Under Master Class Private Development Package

10 & Under Master Class Private Development Package


The 10 & Under Master Class Private Development Package is specifically developed for juniors ages 10 and under to provide more immersed, personalized instruction. Players will use the smaller orange and green balls and smaller court dimensions in order to better learn technical and tactical skills in a one-on-one learning setting.

This package includes five (5) 1 hour lessons, scheduled at your convenience, for $385.

Alexandria lessons are held at St. Stephen's & St. Agnes Lower School Outdoor Tennis Courts/Indoor Daniel Gym:
400 Fontaine St.
Alexandria, VA 22302

McLean lessons are held at The Madeira School Tennis Court Facility:
8328 Georgetown Pike
McLean, Virginia 22102

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red ball
(ages 5 - 8)

Court Size: 36’
At this stage players will learn the basics of the game - How to score, rally, and serve, as well as understanding how to win and lose points. Advanced red ball players will begin to learn technical awareness and court tactics. Red ball players at this level are able to begin matches on the smaller court sizes.
Orange ball
(ages 8 - 10)

Court Size: 60’
At this stage, players have already learned the basic techniques of the game and are ready to develop more consistency and specific technique in their stokes. With developments in physical control and coordination, players will be challenged to cover the larger court size and to direct the ball away from the opponent. More focus will be placed on learning the tactics of the game, anticipating ball movements, and incorporating ball spin. Serving and return of serve are covered at a more advanced level.