ASM Prague Summer Tennis Camp Registration

ASM Prague Summer Tennis Camp Registration

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The ASM Prague Summer Tennis Camp Program runs weekly from June 24 - July 19, 2019 for players of all skill types. Two Camps are offered: Full Day Tennis Camp for beginner - advanced players ages 5 - 16 and Master Player Camp for intermediate - advanced individual tournament players or school team players ages 9-18. Both camps are located on the beautiful hardcourt tennis courts on the International School of Prague (ISP) campus. Program activities include tennis instruction, indoor activities, prizes, competitions, games, and an end of the week pizza party.

Masters Individual Training Classes are also offered for players to learn one-on-one technique and skill development from ASM Staff Professionals. Each Master Class is one (1) hour long between the hours of 16:00 - 19:00 (after the tennis camp ends) and costs $75. Open to ISP community, adults and juniors.

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2019 ASM World-Wide TENNIS CAMP & MASTER ACADEMY Comes to the International School of Prague

(June 24 - July 19, 2019)

ASM specializes in tennis programs run at International and American boarding schools at Anglo-American School of Moscow, American School of Paris, and now International School of Prague. Our programs provide a great opportunity for the school community to come together to improve their tennis game. Through our signature ASM Tennis, we aim to deliver structured individual and group programs to improve players' skills, emphasizing tennis etiquette and sportsmanship, while providing an enjoyable atmosphere. We provide highly experienced staff to service our tennis programs to ensure a well-balanced learning environment and enjoyable atmosphere.



Boys and girls ages 5 - 18, beginner - advanced. Players will be grouped according to age/level:

Quick-Start: designed for players aged 5-10. Uses red, foam balls on 10.97 meter courts and orange/green balls on 18.28 meter courts. Development: designed for intermediate/advanced players aged 8-16.
Tournament-ready: designed for tournament players aged 8-16.

Master Player Camp: Specialized tennis academy training designed for individual tournament players or school team players aged 9-18, level intermediate through advanced.



Full Day Camp: $400/week

Master Player Camp: $325/week

Individual Master Training Class: $75/hour



Camps run weekly June 24 - July 19, 2019.

Full Day Camp: 9:00 - 15:00

Master Player Camp: 15:00 - 18:00

Individual Master Training Class: One hour class between 16:00 - 19:00



International School of Prague (ISP) Tennis Courts

Nebusicka 700
164 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic

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red ball
(ages 5 - 8)

Court Size: 10.97m
At this stage players will learn the basics of the game - How to score, rally, and serve, as well as understanding how to win and lose points. Advanced red ball players will begin to learn technical awareness and court tactics. Red ball players at this level are able to begin matches on the smaller court sizes.
Orange ball
(ages 8 - 10)

Court Size: 18.28m
At this stage, players have already learned the basic techniques of the game and are ready to develop more consistency and specific technique in their stokes. With developments in physical control and coordination, players will be challenged to cover the larger court size and to direct the ball away from the opponent. More focus will be placed on learning the tactics of the game, anticipating ball movements, and incorporating ball spin. Serving and return of serve are covered at a more advanced level.
green ball
(ages 10 - 16)

Court Size: 23.77m
At this stage, players will be getting used to the increased physical demands of covering a full-sized court while still using slower moving green balls. Players will be instructed in more advanced use of angles, spin, depth control, attacking and defending, and moving the opponent around the court. Additionally, the tatic of learning to gauge the opponent's strengths and weaknesses will be encorporated.

Take Your Game to the Next Level with the Master Player Tennis Camp

Game Play
Get ahead

Fitness Training: Players in the Master Academy concentrate on plyometric agility, dynamic stretching and flexibility, as well as tennis specific movements. This training makes players more effective in competitive situations and better athletes overall.
Focuses on footwork, groundstroke consistency, match strategy, mental analysis, player development, and match play
practice, practice, practice...
makes perfect

Players begin with progressive drills focused on fundamental footwork and technique, continued by soft ball hitting, drop ball drills, fed-ball drills and live ball drills. The last half hour of court time includes serve and return drills using throwing motion exercises and games using the serve, situational point-by-play drills, and practice sets of singles and doubles.