ASM  Members

Each membership is valid for a 1 (one) year period and includes the features below.

ASM 1-Year Membership
79.99 every 12 months

Save 5%

ASM Members save 5% on each and every checkout - online or in-person - in addition to any/all other available discounts. If you register for more than one program per year, this discount can add up quickly. Examples of common uses: Summer Camps, Junior Camps, Teams Programs, Master Programs, Private Lessons.

Free Tennis Lesson

Free 20 minute private consultation/lesson (a $40 value) per membership billing year. Brush up on your skills and get one-on-one instruction from one of our skilled coaching staff.

Feature 3

Need to think of a third benefit.

ASM Members FAQ

Is membership a requirement in order to sign up for ASM Tennis Academy Programs?

No. Customers may still register and pay for programs without becoming an ASM Member.


What’s the difference between Customer Accounts and ASM Members?

An ASM Customer Account makes it more convenient to check out by saving your credentials so you don't have to re-enter your billing address and credit card information every time you place an order. Additionally, there is no charge associated with creating a Customer Account. An ASM Membership allows members to save 5% on every order on top of any/all other discounts. Please be aware that you are required to hold an ASM Customer Account in order to register for an ASM Membership.

I’ve become an ASM Member. How do I save 5% on every order?

After purchase you will receive a purchase confirmation email with a temporary discount code. You may use this temporary code to save 5% on immediate orders. After your personal discount code fully propagates our system (less than 24 hours), you will receive a final email confirming that your permanent phone number discount code is ready for use.

Can I share an ASM Membership?

ASM Memberships are only valid for members of your immediate family. Membership holders found sharing Membership benefits with members outside of their immediate family will be banned from holding an ASM Membership and all benefits will be revoked for the remainder of the holder’s Membership period without refund.

How do I view and manage my ASM Membership subscription?

You may view and manage your ASM Membership subscription from your Customer Account. After signing in by clicking “Sign In” from the main menu, click My account, and then Subscriptions.


Your ASM Membership subscription is listed in the Subscriptions section. Click on the subscription to view its details, including:

  • The next order date

  • Price

  • Subscription frequency

  • Subscription order history

Will I automatically be charged again for my Membership?

Your ASM Membership will automatically renew after one year. You can see the exact renewal date in the Subscriptions section of your Customer Account. Click here to find out how ->

How do I cancel my ASM Membership?

If you wish to cancel your Membership before it auto-renews, you may do so from your Customer Account. After signing in by clicking “Sign In” from the main menu, click My account, and then Subscriptions. To cancel the subscription, click Cancel Subscription. In the confirmation window, click Cancel Subscription.

Please note that there is no refund on the cancelation of your ASM Membership. You may still use your discount code to save 5% until your one year Membership period expires and you will not be charged again.

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