Master Elite Academy & Master Elite Development Academy

Master Elite Academy & Master Elite Development Academy

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Two Master Academy Programs are offered: the Master Elite Development Program (MDA) for 8-12 year-olds and the premier Master Elite Academy (MA) for 13-18 year-olds.

The camp runs from April 21 - June 24 and has 9 classes.

Prorated to 5 Classes (no classes Memorial Day Weekend)

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Fitness Training: Players in the Master Academy concentrate on plyometric agility, dynamic stretching and flexibility, as well as tennis specific movements. This training makes players more effective in competitive situations and better athletes overall.

Video Analysis: All players will receive video analysis of technical strokes, footwork, and serve.

Tournament Play: Players are required to play tournaments every 4 weeks to assess goals and development.
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Players in the Master Academy Programs typically practice 1-2 days per week. Players begin with progressive drills focused on fundamental footwork and technique, continued by soft ball hitting, drop ball drills, fed-ball drills and live ball drills. The last half hour of court time includes serve and return drills using throwing motion exercises and games using the serve, situational point-by-play drills, and practice sets of singles and doubles.
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This program will also offer alternative sessions in McLean, VA beginning in the Spring.