ASM Junior Club Teams

ASM Junior Club Teams

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If your kids love swinging a racquet, they’ll love it even more as part of a team. With nearly 100,000 players competing nationwide, USTA Jr. Team Tennis brings players together to enjoy camaraderie and teamwork, providing a fun environment for kids to learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game – win or lose.

All Team players will be playing and competing on ASM USTA League Play.

The camp runs from April 21 - June 24 and has 9 classes.

Prorated to 5 Classes (no classes Memorial Day Weekend)

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Play Tennis, Make Friends

Learn + Play

USTA Jr. Team Tennis is designed for kids ages 5-18 and for players of all skill levels. After school or on the weekends, you can be assured that your kids are getting ample amounts of play time and all the benefits that go with that: exercise, time with coaches, sharpening skills in matches, learning teamanship, and so much more. All Team players will be playing and competing on ASM USTA League Play.
Smaller people, smaller courts

Tennis that fits

Even for ages 10 and under, play in USTA Jr. Team Tennis involves singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Team Tennis features leagues with smaller courts, shorter and lighter racquets, and lower-bouncing and slower-moving balls. We do our best to make sure that everyone, including the youngsters, has a chance to be part of competitive play.

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